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Kex or Sex Black

Kex or Sex Black

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Kex or Sex Black with Bona Fide's design - you will never find anything like it neither in a swimming pool, nor on the beach. This model is for brave and slim: anywhere you go, you will be in a spotlight.

Swimsuit is made of durable material and ideal for spa and sauna, beach or just a regular pool:
- It is not affected by UV, does not loose colors in the sun, protected from chrlorine and salt water and dries extra fast.
- Well-thought design will ensure perfect fit, creating sexual and adventurous image.
- It will not strech out of its form.
- It is friendly to your skin: no rash danger!

There is a lot of choice when you go to the beach. So why don't you pick something, that corresponds to inner you and highlights the results of your training?

Material: Nylon (nylon 80%, spandex 20%)
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