Enhance your assets with our secret weapon 

Enhance your assets with our secret weapon 


    Shape your curves and streamline
    your figure


    Smile contouring design makes it charming
    3D Peach Butt form-flattering countours 


    Our leggings are made of moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchy fabric.The soft material gives you a dreamy cloud-like fit. 


By incorporating advanced technological stripes, we ensure optimal support and lift for your buttocks.Experience the ultimate rise and a sculpted silhouette, tailored to perfection.

Extra SEX BLACK Skin 

These, our figure-enhancing basic leggings and cycling shorts. The branded waistband adds visual appeal and enhances your silhouette.

Made from soft and stretchy jacquard mesh, these leggings and shorts provide comfort and moisture-wicking properties, keeping your skin breathable. They dry quickly, ideal for an active lifestyle.
Note: Avoid excessive stretching as it may cause transparency. Choosing the right size is essential.

Suitable for year-round gym workouts, seamlessly blending into your everyday style.

Extra SEX Push-up Corsage LYC Black Skin

These leggings and cycilng shorts with a corset waistband are made of lycra. Lycra stretches excellently and has good breathability. Additionally, this material is durable and resistant to external factors, such as sunlight. 

All our unique leggings and bike shorts are available in various waistband and fabric types. Every woman can find an option that suits her best.

Extra SEX Push-up Black skin

For those who want maximum push-up effect for their buttocks, we have created a version with the addition of "Push-up". This version further accentuates and visually enhances the buttocks.

We have redesigned the shape of the panties and improved the cut to further highlight the buttocks. We added an extra reinforced latex seam under the buttocks to create a beautiful transition between the buttocks.

Extra SEX Corsage Black Skin

This model sets itself apart from the regular Extra Sex Black Skin by featuring a high bondage waistband that effectively slims the waist and creates a stunning silhouette. The faux leather inserts are not prone to cracking or damage during washing, and the fabric retains its breathability and elasticity in all directions. 

Additionally, you have the freedom to select the fabric type that best suits you.

Extra Sex is the whole universe

The Extra Sexy Collection offers not only a wide range of black leggings and bike shorts but also various items in other fashionable colors with unique prints and innovative designs. We are inspired by the desire to help every woman achieve their perfect figure, so our models are created with special attention to detail.

Our leggings and bike shorts have a special design that accentuates the attractive features of your body. They provide optimal support and a compressive effect, giving your legs and buttocks a slim and toned appearance. Thanks to the use of high-quality fabrics, they ensure comfort and freedom of movement, allowing you to feel confident and stylish.

In addition to leggings and bike shorts, our collection includes other clothing models such as jumpsuits, long-sleeves, and sports bras. These models are also specially designed using our unique patterns to emphasize your individuality and create the most flattering look.
Form-fitting jumpsuits will highlight your figure and create a slimming effect, while long-sleeves and sports bras will provide optimal support and comfort during sports activities.

We take pride in the fact that our products are not only fashionable but also functional. We use innovative materials and technologies that help improve your figure and create a visually athletic look.

Our clothing has the ability to support muscles and shape your silhouette while remaining comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

We create clothing that makes it easy to express your individuality and find your unique style.

The Extra Sexy Collection represents the perfect combination of fashion, comfort, and functionality. Discover the world of Bona Fide clothing.